About me:-
1-My name is Fahad M Aldosari .

2- my pseudonym is @Fahaddays .
3-I am author of apocalypse series, a trip to London will be never repeated (Arabic version)  and  other books!
4-I am a kuwaiti citizen, man and living in  state of Kuwait.

 5- i am expert in management, computer sciences, social media , photoshop , editing and more.
6-I am supporting  companies, celebrities, my friends and whatever I like.
7-I am owner of www.fahaddays.com and instagram.com/F
ahaddays .

                                           Fahad M Aldosari


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My books!

[Sample] from my audio book!
Apocalypse: The survivor 2090

arabic cover for my apocalypse book
arabic book cover to a trip to london will  be never repeated

Coming soon!

apocalypse 3 book cover
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