Apocalypse : The Survivor 2090

My story abouT Fahaddays the mighty Legend who has survived from the world destruction and radioactive fallout causing the collapse of civilization in the middle east.

A man cruised looking for humans, Struggled To stay alive and went for a journey to the new world Colony hoping that he could find anything about his lost Family or what reminds of his world.

A dreamer guy took his Alfatex Gears, military Hummer h1 and hit the road with a map trying to reach the golden colony (Death Merchants Guild) seeking the chipx mentioned by Genax to him, but The painful destiny was waiting for him out there to accompany him And show him the reality of our destroyed world year 2090, love in a different way and a horror we can`t imagine.


Fahad M Aldosari


You can read From my book here! Download The PDF! More Soon!